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Tourex Turizm Teknoloji

This Turkish company provides payment solutions to tourists so that they can use their money during their trip with payment cards that don't come from banks. I was brought into their project for an envelope design, which would hold the Travel Card and the instructions on how to use it. I worked with a copywriter, a print expert, and other content managers. Additionally, I designed their presentation slides. 


Website Design, Package design, presentation design. 





I used interactive features like scroll and motion effects to make the website more engaging for the visitors.

The website is used for collecting sign up forms and informing visitors of the products.

Additionally, I converted their ideas into digital assets so that they can use them to better explain their pitch to the client. Here we have assets made for Otelz to propose an e-wallet system and card for tourists using the Otelz accommodation services. 


Presentation design

Throughout my work with Tourex, I have designed a number of customizable presentation. To make it easier for the copywriter, I uploaded all the slides to Google Slides and kept placeholders for them. 

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