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Daanokia focuses on the education of middle school to high school students and at the same time the well-being of the agriculture industry. I am a part of this startup and we started with a different identity designed by someone else. We came to the conclusion that the designs weren't suitable for our new audience and that we needed a rebranding. That's when I decided to step in and make this re-branding possible. I re-designed everything from the logo to the website, leaving Daanokia with a more modern and fresh look.

I worked with a content writer and a voice actress on this project. 


Brand Identity, UI, Packaging, Illustration, animation, video production. 




banner daanokia.jpg

I used a leaf as the main focus of the brand because that's the main element within the brand. 

The logomark is a combination of three things; a leaf, the letter "D", and the letter "D" in Persian (د). This way the logomark can be used in both languages.


Web & Mobile

On the Daanokia website, people can learn more about the projects, contribute, and help with the mission. 

cover mockup booklet v3.png

The Green Book

In this cutely illustrated booklet, students can track their progress during their plant's growth. At the same time the booklet was designed to serve as a journal for the students, they can write about what they want and share things on the "My Memories" page. The Booklet can then be kept with the student as a collection of their year with Daanokia. 

Color & Typography

I used bold and contrasting colors for this brand as it is showcasing freshness and change through the empowerment of youth. The colors are saturated and have a freshness to them too. Green was an obvious color because of the brand's focus on nature and red symbolizes the energy that the students bring to the startup!

In terms of typography, I tried to maintain the look the color gives by choosing a bold and fun type. The roundness of the type compliments the colors and the overall look of the brand. This type family "Pelak" is a perfect fit for the brand's identity!

color and type.png

Social Media Templates

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