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This company provides mentoring services to newly formed startups. While they were working on their platform, they needed a regular website that provided information and presented the brand. I was hired to make the website from scratch as they worked on their first project. 


Website UI




rayzan web.jpg

The website was brought up twice because the art director changed and so did the brand's identity. At first, the website had a more humble look with hand-drawn illustrations and little text. 

Once the director changed, I had to start over with the website. I was given the materials by the logo designer and started to reshape the website into what it is now. This occurrence caused the project to take longer than it should have. 

The biggest challenge

With the brand changing its identity completely and the art director changing, this project kind of fell apart design-wise. It took a while until I could get the right information to change the website, but through constant communication and adjustments, I was finally able to deliver a product that made us all happy. 

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