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TouristPay offers local digital currency to its users. Their two main clients are either finance establishments or tourism establishments. They design payment kits for these clients and allow them to provide better solutions to their own customers.

The main purpose of the website is to inform and allow for contact. People who use the website are from larger companies and they act as a contact person between TouristPay and their company.

This website helped TouristPay to better present itself in front of clients and potential partners. With the launch of the website, TouristPay was able to secure partners in Sri Lanka, Turkiye, India, the United Kingdom, UAE, and Singapore.

I was in charge of the UX/UI design and after meetings, we got the final product launched on time. I collaborated with a copywriter to ensure high quality content for the website.


UI/UX, website design, infographics, video editing 





Using the green against the white, a good contrast is created and that helps drive attention to the texts and buttons. 

The website was built on a short timeline, the team and I went back and forth to ensure that we got everything ready for the first client meeting in Sri Lanka and Singapore.

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