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Esprichoo Publishing Limited

This company provides publishing services to new authors by connecting them to publishing sponsors. I have worked for this company before as a content producer, but I was then asked to rebrand their company and make it more modern and appealing. The website is still ongoing, but the brand's identity looks a lot better.


Branding, Website UI





The logo was made using a combination of the brand's name. "Esprichoo" refers to a sparrow in Kurdish and the books refer to "Publishing". 

I combined the shapes using blend modes and curved edges. It's paired with a funky font to make it look fun and approachable, especially since the brand is looking to attract new authors.  

A fun & modern approach


The previous identity followed a corporate style, with bold fonts and monochrome colors, I wanted to change that completely and make the brand look more alive. At the same time, it was important for me to have the brand look modern and minimal so that it is easy to remember and work with in the future. 


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