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The Labyrinth: Literary Magazine

The Labyrinth is a student literary magazine at Bergen Community College that gives a platform to the many creatives on campus. They hold contests each year and give cash prizes to the best poetry, photography, arts, and any other creative outlet. 


Branding and Web 


The Labyrinth




Using a minimal logo design, I can keep most of the attention on the art that the magazine will present. It's made with bold type and bold vectors.

The website has a welcoming interface, with warm colors and rounded fonts, helping ease the timidity that students might get when submitting their work. 

New logo labyrinth and lit club logos-01.png

All-in-one solution

The magazine, as big as it is, relied on google forms, posters, and emails for informing, showcasing, and collecting submissions. I created a website that allows them to do all that in one place; a website where visitors can be informed, view previous winners, submit their work, and get the creative support they need.

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