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Motion Club

The Motion Club is a student-led initiative aimed at fostering financial literacy and creating a space for collaborative learning on financial topics. The organization needed a logo that would serve as a visual representation of its mission while resonating with the diverse student body.


Logo and Branding


Motion Club



Logo samples presentation_Artboard 3.png

Brainstormed and sketched various concepts, considering the combination of finance-related elements (such as currency symbols) and educational symbols (like books or graduation caps) to represent the dual nature of the club.

The logo is made of three shapes standing in front of one another, one of the shapes "stands out from the rest". The center of these shapes also form the letter M, the first letter of the brand name. 

motion logo club bergen-05.png

A smart and simple approach

This logo design project for the Motion Club exemplifies my ability to translate an organization's mission into a visually compelling and meaningful identity. The final logo serves as a powerful symbol that not only represents the dual focus of finance and learning but also fosters a sense of identity and community within the student organization.

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