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This startup provides RFID technology for fashion designers to show their stories of how they came up with a design. Just by scanning the tag, the customer learns about the origin of the piece, the designer, the manufacturer, and any other information needed. The technology also allows warehouses to track their supplies across their shops. 






ASSEEN tags front.jpg

I used the RFID icon and lowercase a to form the logo. All are encased in a squared "scan" shape. 

In Persian, ASSEEN sounds similar to the word for a clothing sleeve, looking at the mark from afar, it resembles a button too. One that goes on a sleeve. 

asseen logo.jpg

a smart and minimal approach

The startup is newly formed, and its goal is to bring innovation to the clothing industry. The logo had to click with just about anyone who shops for clothing. It had to be easy to remember and easy to understand. I was given a short time for this and the team worried that they would receive it late, however, I pushed through and delivered a logo we were all satisfied with.

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