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The Torch Student Newspaper

Bergen Community College Student Newspaper, known as The Torch, is a vital source of information and engagement for the college community. The project was initiated to revitalize the brand and enhance the digital presence to better serve the dynamic interests and needs of the student population.


Branding and Web design





I had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with the Bergen Community College Student Newspaper team on a comprehensive rebranding and website redesign project. The objective was to modernize The Torch's visual identity, create a cohesive brand experience, and develop an intuitive online platform that resonates with the university's diverse student body.

The logo centers around a torch that 'ignites' the students on the college campus. While the newspaper is run by fun individuals, they still wanted to appear professional. 

torch logo.png

An online and printed newspaper

I designed the website for the online newspaper and followed that with the print layout designs for the monthly issues. I got to work with the most wonderful and passionate writers and editors, in the end we got a design that perfectly represents the Torch's community.

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